Bellezza nera by Dave Henshaw
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Bellezza nera

July 16, 2016

Creative studio portrait session for my portfolio.

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wow this is awesome

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Thank you Lee, that's very kind and I truly appreciate it! :-)

Gerald K's picture

great work Dave! The white version is also cool but this black one works way better for me - more mysterious :)

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Thank you Gerald, I really appreciate your kind words and feedback! :-)

Aivis Veide's picture

Cool make-up ++

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Idea I had and the MUA nailed it on the day!

Arun Hegden's picture

incredible. :)

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Thank you very much Arun, truly appreciated. :-)

William Howell's picture

May I ask how you lit this wonderful portrait?

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Hi William, I lit this using one Nikon SB900. If you visit my Instagram or Facebook page, I do have a behind the scenes video you can watch.

you have great inner vision !:)

outstanding work ...

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Thank you very much, I truly appreciate your feedback and understanding of my creativity.