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Shot using Canon 6d + 100 Macro 2.8L and Elinchrom BX 500 RI. It's a combination of 4-5 shots as it is quite difficult to make the lighting all at the same especially dealing with the beer bubbles. I set up 2 lights for the bottle and glass and 1 light with green gel for the black background to give it a Heineken color. Before pouring the liquid, I set my composition and lighting first. I took multiple shots while we pour the beer to glass so I can choose which one works on the post. To light the bottle and glass behind, I did a combination of strobe and light painting. I switched off the modeling lights and set my shutter to about 6-8 seconds and use the handphone's flashlight and did some light painting to give it some glow. So all in all, I captured 1 shot for the label and background, 1 shot for the bubbles, I shot for the bottle and 1 shot for the glass with beer.

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nice skills