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One to Rule Them All

Thankful i was given a chance to shoot this iconic Toronto skyline on my recent visit to Canada. I never thought id be crossing this off my photography bucket list this soon!
Stitched Pano of 8 vertical images, taken with the XT1 and 56mm lens.

56mm · f/8.0 · 30s · ISO 200
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Thank you so much:)

Very nice pano. Nice lights. Good color. Nice cloud patterns and sky. Fantastic reflections in the water.

much appreciated, glad you like it.:) thank you!

I forgot to mention a razor straight shore line.

killer pano, Ive got a non pano of this shot from the same island. Wish I had one it as a pano now. haha

haha awesome. i forgot to bring my wide lens that time, and only lens i got was prim 56mm, so decided to make a pano out of it. pretty happy with the result lol.