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Lost in Time

I've just returned from a brief family trip to Japan – my first journey abroad since the pandemic. While I've visited Japan numerous times before, this one held a unique significance: this time, I played the role of a guide, leading my wife and son through the vibrant streets of Tokyo.

Throughout the day, I carefully selected destinations that I believed would delight us all, ensuring laughter, wonder, and shared moments became our constant companions as we immersed ourselves in Japan's rich culture.

Yet, as the sun dipped below the horizon and my wife and son settled into our hotel, a new adventure awaited me. Equipped with my camera, I ventured out into the nocturnal tapestry of Tokyo. Each click of the shutter captured the city's lively nightlife, etching frozen moments into my memories.

Although I returned home with only a few shots, I am content knowing that I successfully balanced quality family time with my passion for photography on this trip. Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate my return to Japan this coming fall, where I can fully indulge my love for photography.

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