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Storm over Fusine Lakes - North-East Italy

Two days ago...
Leave home for photographing the Milky Way ... The sky was perfect, also the time ... OK, Let's go!
Pity that from my house to the lakes there are about 2 hours drive ... and in the meantime the sky darkens ...
Mah what i can do? Meanwhile, I stop for a pizza and assess whether to continue or not.
I start to eat the pizza, pleasant climate ... time 15 minutes began the first flashes .. :-(
What to do? Eating on as Flash and leave or even eat dessert and wait quietly? Boooo
Ok, I try ... I pay and go!
About an hour and a half drive with the sky getting darker, more lightning and few drops of rain ...
I think that i don't see any star today... :-)
The weather was very very bad, i don't saw anything with the car's headlights except when there was lightning ... only wolves are missing ...
OK, I place the camera on the tripod, time to take a dozen shots and begins the storm !! I'm going home to sleep...

Nikon D600
14 mm · f/2.8 · ISO 400
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calming reflection. Love that you can still see the house and mild detail in some trees

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Thank you!