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Sclupted Rocks Beauty

Jess overlooking a little known swimming hole with carved out canyons and deep caverns located in northern New Hampshire.
This shot was probably the riskiest I have ever taken with my full size camera, as it required me to position one leg on each side of the canyon over the deep water, while a friend stood beside me with the strap attached to them clinging to the wall in case I fell in.

Additionally, this shot required me to interact with a few dozen people that I did not know in order to get a clear line of sight, and convince them that my photo would only take a few minutes.

Finally, we had to lower the camera in it's bag down the side of a cliff, swim to the location of the camera, dry off, perch ourselves across the canyon, wait for some swimmers to disappear from the frame, crouch as low to the water as possible to force a high and deep perspective, snap some photos, and then thank everyone for their cooperation.

I think I ultimately failed in capturing the full glory of this amazing area, and I plan to return in the near future, likely in the morning with the sun behind this position, to shoot a very dynamic image. I may also have to actually go for a swim with my camera to capture a spectacular waterfall that is just out of view in this photo. This is the passion that drives us, and I am happy I got one decent shot!

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