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Hammer Smash wine glass

Nikon D300s, Tamron 90mm VC USD f/2.8, - 1.3s, f/11, ISO320, 2 x flash Speedlite YN 460, strip box, tripod, home made multi triger (sound and photogate)
The picture above is one of the images from a high speed photography session.
For a long time I was fascinated by pictures where time is frozen and you can see action in fraction of second, which human eye normally cannot register.
With the help of sound and photogate triggers, which fires speedlight flash in the right moment, we can capture such instants.
My adventure with high speed photography started with taking pictures of bursting water balloons and after that water splashes. Finally I had an idea to shoot breaking glass.
Working in this type of session requires lots of patience, because setting everything up is a long and very precise process.

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And a lot of cleaning after each attempt I guess ? :-)
Very impressive result !
Did you glue the foot of the glass ?
Just a tiny detail, some wrinkles of the background on the left of the glass.
Well done.

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Thank you. It is one and a successful attempt :) so there weren't a lot of cleaning. Glass glued to a table with double-sided tape.