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What to do when your wife has a birthday coming up and you are out of ideas what to get her? Well, you can always follow these simple steps for great success.
1) Go ahead and buy or try to find a hand made Viking armour replica, arm braces, shield, hand embroided shirt, authentic viking sword and other needed gear.
2) Find a one-eyed horse who can lay down on command.
3) Get together an awesome team of friends to help you to turn your wife into Lagertha by doing the hair and makeup and to assist with the photoshoot.
4) Get some smoke machines and bombs and get the team into some awesome location near the lake and shoot some frames to match one of your wifes favourite TV series of all time.
5) Then spend next couple of days retouching those images to make them look like original posters from the Vikings series and post them online for everyone to see.
Birthday present… DONE!

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