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the rock of Whytecliff

I had luck that day.

I was running very late as I missed two bus.
Once I arrived at the beach light was about to change already, there was no time left for scouting.
I knew I had to move quick, so I decided to settle for the first composition I liked. I mounted my tripod over the tallest rock and never moved it again to get the most out of the lighting over the next few hours.
During the actual sunset all the juicy action happened either on the right or on the far left of my frame, I was a bit disappointed and I started questioning my devotion to this particular composition and the fact that I was now unable to move the camera at all.
But I stood still and when the sun finally set below the horizon the real magic started.
Lastly you can spot a seal and her calf resting on a rock at the end of the path.

I ended up using 8 different exposure, manually merged together, to get the most out of land, vegetation, sea and sky.
Lots of hours spent in fixing edges, preserving local colours and restoring the extraordinary dynamic range I had the pleasure to witness.

10mm · f/8 · Multiexposure · ISO 200
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