Eureka Gold and Timber Co. - Disney California Adventure by David O'Connell
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Eureka Gold and Timber Co. - Disney California Adventure

July 1, 2014

From my most recent trip to California. I was there for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show, but had a few days to see my brother and visit the West Coast Parks. Having taken this shot around the same time last year as a snap shot because we were there to have fun, I was extremely excited to go back alone with all my gear.
This is now one of my personal favorite Disney shots. Throughout the week I'll post more of what I was able to shoot this time as I had much more time to myself.

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I think this photo really stands out. Maybe because of the risk taken in shooting at night? Also the composition is solid, the angular lines of the roof eaves take your eye to the circular water wheel, which brings you right back.
Great job