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A sunny evening at Vestrahorn, Iceland.

16mm · f/8.0 · 1/20s · ISO 100
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Bill Peppas's picture

Nice light Philip!
Wish you had some clouds in the sky ( or maybe a sunstar up left ).

Philip Slotte's picture

Thank you very much Bill :)

Bill Peppas's picture

You're welcome my friend :)

Keep up the good work!

Matthias Dengler's picture

Exceptional! The composition is fantastic! Great light quality and leading line from the right. 5* without any doubt!

Philip Slotte's picture

Glad you liked it Matthias, thanks :D!

Thomas Tucker's picture

Solid work, Loved my trip to Iceland

Philip Slotte's picture

Thank you sir!
Iceland is amazing.

Stefano Chiarelli's picture

Really nice!! In your opinion is this place better to be photographed at sunset or sunrise?

Philip Slotte's picture

Thank you :))!
Hmm, i think both Sunset and Sunrise will work. I saw only 3 or 4 people on this location during my 2 days there, so it's not that crowded.

Stefano Chiarelli's picture

Thank you Philippe ;)

Andy Reynolds's picture

it is very much all in focus, is that a composite picture?

Philip Slotte's picture

Thanks Andy!
Nope this is one exposure.

Andy Reynolds's picture

I just checked the lens, 16mm, so that is why it is so in focus front to back. Would a video shot with that lens in that lighting look as crisp foreground to background?

Philip Slotte's picture

I don't shoot that much video so i can't say for sure how it would look, but i guess it would look as sharp in video.

Omar Ghomrawi's picture

Pretty Nice composition.
Colors are very nice!

Philip Slotte's picture

Thank you sir :)

Abdulelh almania's picture

amazing shot

Swissblad --'s picture

Lovely, lovely, image - great composition and light - totally envious - congrats!

jimeier f.'s picture

a breath-taking shot

Sherry Bell's picture

Beautiful light, beautiful scene, great composition and PP process work. Outstanding!!