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Gear testing

High surf advisory and cloudy skies, when I left my home it did not look very promising but as time went by, skies were clearing up slowly and I started to hope for a great sunset.
This is quite a walk to get down to this point and from the parking area I could see a lot of spray/mist being sent in the air by the big wave action.
Tide was slowly receding and I picked this super slippery spot on the recently uncovered rocks.
It was still quite bright and I wanted some smoother water lines so I grabbed an ND filter to get the effect I wanted.
As the sun went down, helped by a lot of ocean spray sent up in the air, it created a nice natural soft golden glow in the distance.
I had what I came here for and more...
Suddenly as I was taking more shots with a red sky, one of those sneaky waves got me as it exploded on the rock in front of me. I had been fine there for the last 5 minutes so I had let my guard down. My D800e and Nikon 14-24 lens got soaked with ocean water but as I have found out in the past (Iceland last year) Nikon gear is made to last! Wiped it all off and got back at shooting again!

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