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空島 (The island in the sky)

This is where it all began, my passion for photography, while I lived in Japan.
I decided to use an ND filter to smooth out the ocean and make the sky and sea blend together as one, just like the symbol of marriage that this kind of rocks represents in Japan.
Meoto Iwa, Ise, Japan

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This place has been in my bucket list for the last few years. Nicely shot.

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Congratulations! Well deserved!!

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Amazing shot. Japan looks stunning

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wow, im really impressed by how razor sharp this is. Did you add the fog on the water in post?

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The quality of a Zeiss lens :) manual focus but so sharp! No fog was added in post, it’s just the water being smoothed out by the ND filter

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Probably mostly the quality from a photographer that knows what hes doing :) What zeiss lens model were you using?

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Thx :) the 135 Prime if i remember correctly

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This makes you pause and reflect and reading the caption just makes this image that much better

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Love this, its dramatic, poetic and very very cool.

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Thank you!

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New fan here. Your whole portfolio is a tutorial in the love of great photography. Well told stories. :)

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Thank you so much for checking out my images here and for your comments!