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Last Days of Autumn

Autumn colors

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Lukas Juzenas's picture

so many photos of this place and so little people in them :) sugar colors

John Ekor's picture

It is a lovely location and beauty rendition of colours. I should be here someday for a shoot.

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how much photoshop was used , if there was very little then you deserve my Kudos to you.

Fred van Leeuwen's picture

Lovely shot! Absolutely love the palette of colours.

Jonathan Allen's picture

Landscape shots aren't usually my cup of tea but this image caught my attention. It's a fantastic Image all round. Nice work )

bertrand lucas's picture

magnifique .......couleurs compo lumière a pleurer !!! bravo

Kerry Moore's picture

Very good)

ADITYA MISRA's picture

This doesnt seem like our planet. Where is this place??
Beautiful picture!

Braian Osorio's picture

Love this and the way everything falls into place.

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Adding Colours and feather to Fstopper Community :)

Love this piece.

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Love it.

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Amazing colors. Super still water and wonderful mirror effect.

Jimmy Yerg's picture

Awesome photo capture!! I Love reflection photos!! :)

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It's a good photograph. Technically excellent.

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I feel like I saw the same picture with a guy on a BMX, did you took it? Can't find the picture anymore :'(

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Ah, that wasn't the same shot, but probably the same place :)


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This shot beats the one in Huff Post anyday. Much better colours and comp with the rock is better too