Marina Bay Sands PM blue hour by jack peh
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Marina Bay Sands PM blue hour

November 24, 2016

Marina Bay Sands Hotel needs no introduction. Accompanying it in this photo are the Helix Bridge on the left and the Arts and Science Museum on the Right. All 3 are very special and unique icons of Singapore and are able to carry their own in a frame. This composition definitely deserves a place in every photographers portfolio.

Much time was spent cleaning the blue cast on the otherwise white surfaces like the Arts and Scienc Museum and tbe bridge's support structures. Even the metal struts on the Helix bridge was carefully retouched to remove blue casts. For better or worse, I took no chances.

The sky was unusually clean and cloudless on that day and thus it did not seem fit for me to include the laser show on this photo. My goal was to create as clean an image without it looking like CGI or fake. I might have made it too clean IMHO. But this is more of an exercise to see how clean can I push this Image.

I hope you enjoyed this image as much as I loved taking and editing it. Thank you.

14 · f/11 · ISO 50
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