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Shanghai from above

Beautiful Shanghai sunrise

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Which spot was it taken from?

Ah! this on is my little secret place! I´m kidding; when I was living in SH I spent some time looking at hotel rooms or rooftop bars that could give an interesting advantage point to shoot from, and for this one I had to take a hotel room at the Royal Meridien, they have rooms with the Bund view and people´s square view, I took the Bund view vista, but I took this one sneaking early in the morning at the last floor, there is a bar with this view, but the bar is closed at morning, but there is a window that you could take the shot.

Well done, you cannot tell it's through the window glass.

thanks! you know, there are a couple of things you can do when shooting through glass, the first is to get your lens as close to the glass as possible to minimize the reflections, and second you need to get the remaining reflections with a large piece of cloth, black is usually better