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Moody Minnewanka

I usually have a good attitude regardless of the weather conditions when I'm out in the mountains, I can't help but laugh when I show up hoping for a beautiful sunrise and end up staring at a wall of fog. The challenge of working with what you've got is what makes landscape photography so fun for me. But one thing that I can't laugh off is getting rained on, wet lenses drive me absolutely mad. I often remind myself, that any day spent in the mountains is a day well spent, but some days I think I'm lying.
One morning at Lake Minnewanka, I was trying to convince myself that just being in the mountains was enough, because the whole photography thing was not working out. I was in a sour mood and I'd given up hope of coming home with a photo I liked, but having put in the effort to get there I felt a little bit obligated to hang around for a bit. With the pressure to succeed officially off, I decided to play around with some cheap filters I had been needlessly carrying around for years. Not only did I end up really enjoying the rest of my morning, I even managed to take a photo that became one of my favourites of the year.

13mm · f/5.6 · 1/25s · ISO 100
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