Lilian with White Leaf by DALLAS LOGAN
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Lilian with White Leaf

January 13, 2017

Photographed for Anu Essentials Skin Care line of Botanical skin care products.

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Thank you, sir.

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Thank you David

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Beautiful Image! Again great composition and contrast, I really dig your black and white conversions. Awesome job!

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Thank you very much Brian!

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Absolutely man!

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Dope. I like

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Thank you Lem!

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This takes my breath away!

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Hi Logan, Your photography is mesmerizing! I would love to have your exclusive interview on the pages of INSPADES Magazine. You would be an incredible inspiration and a wonderful addition. I hope we can connect soon.

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Beautiful in all respects, the lighting (wow!!!), composition and the models are stunning, Great job sir!!


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