A World in Motion by Jacob Bingham
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A World in Motion

February 9, 2017

Stars 100x 30' f/4 ISO 1600
Road 2"24' f/11 ISO 100
sunset 1/25 f/14 ISO 100
If you drive into Joshua Tree National Park via the Twentynine Palms entrance or "the back gate" you take a very curvy road up into the park. One day as I was driving into the park I noticed this awesome hill that would likely give a great vantage of the road leading out of the park. So one night when I was up there doing some other stuff I stopped, climbed up and grabbed a few shots. Once I saw those shots I knew I had a good spot! So after patiently waiting for a clear night I went up at sunset and prepared for the shot and enjoyed the evening as the camera went to work. I hope you guys like and find inspiration to get out there and shoot!

24mm · f/14.0 · 1/25s · ISO 100
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