the empress by Tony Pardi
Tony Pardi's picture

the empress

February 20, 2017

made with magic

35mm · f/2.5 · 1/200s · ISO 320
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Simon Anderson's picture

What a wonderfully creative shot

Tony Pardi's picture

thank you

Anonymous's picture

The light and shadows don't match the sparkles. Maybe you need a little more magic. ;-)

Tony Pardi's picture

thanks for the CC, the magic doesn't have to match the shadows, just a personal thing i did

please post some of your work as well so we can look at them too

Anonymous's picture

I generally don't post my photos. I can't imagine anyone would want to see them.

Tony Pardi's picture

go for it so others can CC your work as well :-)

i mean if you CC others all the time, might as well get some CC for your images as well ;-) that was you can grow as a photog too from other peoples comments about your work, but thanks for your observation about the shadows, made me think a bit as well

Anonymous's picture

I've never gotten useful CC in the past. Typically, you get, "Great...Awesome" etc. NOT useful. For whatever reason, people are shy about making CC. Clearly, I'm not. Maybe that's a bad thing. ;-)

Tony Pardi's picture

bro go for it, post your work, thats what this community is about, we learn from each other, like you said the shadows made me think a bit, you never know if you dont get a good response or not, just filter them out

Anonymous's picture

I have a bad case of tunnel vision. Too often, I forget to comment on the good things and only point out the areas that can be improved.
If it's any consolation, I don't make unrequested comments unless the photo is really good except for one tiny thing.
Your compositions are really good. In another photo, there's nothing to complain about. Compositions are necessarily difficult to do and especially the lighting.

To summarize: great concept and implementation. Just one tiny thing... ;-)

Tony Pardi's picture

bro post your stuff and thanks for the CC, we all learn from each other, dont mind the haters coz you know each cc will make us think, like hmm what did i miss, or should i have done that, etc

thanks again for da CC, im too lazy to add shadows :P

great colour