The Face Of Waredrobe by Roman Maksimov
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The Face Of Waredrobe

March 2, 2017


Traveling around the world might sound like a very exciting thing. People may think, that it's always about having fun and enjoying yourself. Unfortunately, there is much more behind all this and there are so many moments, that make you feel so bad, so sad and angry. And I'm not even talking about bad weather conditions, or some mechanical or paperwork issues, while you are on the road.
There is a huge amount of cotton fields in Turkmenistan. We were quite lucky to catch the season and all those fields were full of people picking the cotton up. We noticed, that people work in traditional costumes and stoped by to, take couple of pictures, as those are bright and colorful and always look great.
But as soon as we stopped, we noticed that there are lots of small kids working as well. I'm not sure, if they forced to do that job or maybe they just help their parents, but it is really-really sad to see little kids working on the fields under the melting hot sun.
They were happy to see us and bikes, they smiled, seemed to be happy, but it really hurts, though!

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