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Ricardo - Nicholas is right this is a stunning image. To me there's only one thing that is distracting with this killer photo. The dark areas on the left edge of the frame pull my eyes there. It doesn't make sense with the rest of the photo. If you would either crop that part of the window frame out or make that part of the window frame like the right it would eliminate any distractions from your model. The light wraps perfectly around her and her pose is perfect, so my opinion is made with the utmost respect.

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Good shot (I wish I had taken it... ), but two minor distractions. Minor, but I nag and bitch about it, because it would have been an absolute rockin' killer image otherwise which would have me turn all the way green with envy: one, I think the highlights of the background blow her out a bit too much. two: you have this wonderful graphic juxtaposition set up - her definitive rounds and curviness to her figure (meant in the best sense, of course) and the angular, linear no- nonsense lines of the door frames. A slight shift of the camera angle, a slight adjustment of her pose, and you'd have two different graphic elements - lines on the left, curves on the right, competing for the viewer's attention, instead of a girl posing in a doorway.
But that's just my two inflationary cents, of course the artistic impression is all yours.