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A mid day snack.

One year while shopping for a Halloween costume I came across a full rabbit outfit but wasn't too keen on the bodysuit, the head alone was what I wanted and what I had convinced myself I needed. The instance that rabbit head was in my possession I started imagining various ways I could incorporate it into a photo shoot.

The idea sparked and I then had to find the right model to fit the job. I soon realized that it isn't easy to explain an idea like this to a model to where she can fully grasp the idea within my head but I pushed on.

I tend to get the same response from everyone..."Why doesn't she have any nipples?".

My answer...This is what I see in my head, my vision, my creation. As an artist I show you what I see and hope that I at the very least can inspire you to create your own masterpiece


Nikon D70s
18mm · f/8.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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where's the rabbits nipples ?

David Lau's picture

the rabbit nips got lost :D

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Epic anthologist expressionism. Bravo.

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Where dem nips bro? Lookin' like a couple sandwich bags filled wit caramel puddin' LOLZ!