Mr. Bison by Rex Jones
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Mr. Bison

May 10, 2017

Capturing this shot was quite the experience! I had been paying attention to this bison for probably 20 minutes. I had taken pictures of him as he was a considerable distance away, and over a small chunk of time he just kept wandering closer, and closer! For this shot, I was hunkered down in the grass right by our truck. Partially because I liked the low vantage point, partially because I didn't want him to really notice me, and equally because I wanted to be close enough to jump in the truck if need be.

Luckily, he didn't have a problem with us and just kept plodding along. No buffalo charges this time. I still hopped into the truck right after this shot because he kept heading straight for me! Not 30 seconds after I jumped in the vehicle he decided to walk right behind our car and across the road. It may not seem like much of a story, but being that close to such a large, powerful, majestic animal was an incredible experience.

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i can use ur stock photos

An awesome shot, and a great story. I love the color match between the bison and the field.

I am planning a trip to Yellowstone shortly, and would love to come home with something like that.

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