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The Tranquil Maple

The first photo I’m sharing from my Portland trip was (conveniently) the last one I took. This Japanese maple tree in full bloom had the most vibrant canopy i’d ever seen, especially with all the lush greens i’d worked with so far throughout Oregon. Deceiving in size, I had walked past this a number of times in search of the “big maple”, only to realize the actual tree is maybe 5’ tall. Sticking my lens in underneath this tree yielded an amazing perspective of twisting branches, colourful leaves, and lush green moss and quickly became one of my fondest memories of this trip.

Portland, OR

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I prefer the original image

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which was the original image?

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Peter Lik, called it "The Tree of Life". But while looking for that 'original image' I saw that many people shot this tree, and therefore my comment 'original image' doesn't actually mean anything. My mistake...

Also sorry for the late response.

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lovely capture!

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Thanks Andres!

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The 'Dragon Tree' is one of my favorite items in the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.