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Good Afternoon

I'm by no means a portrait photographer. I took this at a workshop a couple of years ago and would like some honest critiques please.

Canon 7D
85mm · f/1.8 · 1/320s · ISO 100
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mmm ok this is what I would do… I would try to make the hair highlights a bit thiner. They are too think and distracting for my liking but that is because i like my rim lights to be thin and retain a hint of detail in them. If they're too thick and blown out they distract my eye too much. I would have asked her to drop her chin a fraction, lower her ring hand a bit, soften the fingers and bring the thumb out of hiding :P On post I would have fixed some of those astray hairs. Big round hair loop on the left side and some crinkled ones a bit below, the four ones sticking out on the top and maybe just maybe a couple of loops on the right side?
imho anyway ;)

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Percy thank you for the analysis, I agree on every point. If I was smart enough, at the time I would have had someone outside with a scrim to tame down the low winter sunlight blasting in the window. I did very little in post since the highlights are so blown out. It taught me a few things about what not to do.