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Sunrise in Bavaria.

An aerial I shot with my drone near the famous Neuschwanstein castle.

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It always trips me out to see photos of this castle because on a trip to Photokina (when we met Elia Locardi) we stopped by this castle but it had already closed. We parked right where that black van is and it was almost completely dark. I had to take a dump really really bad and was getting in a critical state....so I went to shit in the woods just left of the road there. As I pulled my pants down, I kid you not, there was a sign that showed a NO sign on top of a stick figure pooping in the exact spot I was about to use myself. That story always makes me laugh. Luckily a few guys were still at that red roofed house and let me use the bathroom. I wonder if that sign is still there

haha! That is funny! It seems like the castle can tell couple stories. I remember when you guys went to Cologne. But how did you end up in Bavaria? Long drive! On the way to Italy? I'm surprised Elia didn't visit the area, seems like he could get few killer shots there!
Couple weeks ago when I was there, my brother-in-law and I were flying drones from the church couple miles down the road (St. Coloman; uploading it now). He was using it with some app where you can program the flight and it will do the route even without the signal. After a while it was obvious that it wasn't coming back. The drone was somewhere in the vicinity of the castle but where? He started to look at his app and soon realized that one of the points had wrong altitude, so it crashed somewhere up the hill towards the castle. I put the coordinates of the points in his app and off we went up the steep slope towards the castle and hopefully the drone. Luckily I spotted it just a few feet before a huge rock. It just landed into the trees and bushes, didn't crash that bad, but branches must have ripped the ribbon that connects the camera. He's fixing it right now. And I'm happy my iPhone was recording the sound when he realized that the altitude was wrong, he was swearing so bad!

Wow that's a crazy story. We have a good drone crashing story for Photographing the World 3 :)

When we did the Photokina trip we spent the prior 2 weeks driving from Amsterdam to Prague and back through Bavaria. We saw a ton of Europe that trip before meeting Elia for the first time in Cologne. Good times!

Right! I remember I offered you my couch but you guys were way too fast on your way to Dresden. Maybe next time?..
I got an idea 💡- how about you guys do a photo critique of aerial images with Elia? I love watching Lee giving his opinion of photos!

Wow, this is a interesting view of Neuschwanstein Castle and a beautiful mood and lightning! I like the composition very well! Nevertheless, I have a small criticism. The lens flare at the right edge and the bottom - these distract too much. The sun is for my taste also a tick too bright. Still a very nice shot! :)

Thanks, Robert! Really appreciate criticism! Always welcome.
I guess I was too worried about the battery life when composing the shot. I was way too far out (almost 2 miles away). I did get a shot with the sun being behind the mountains. I'll try to upload it now, let me know your thoughts.
But I do agree with you on the lens flare. I'm waiting on an affordable drone with f/22 to get that nice sun star!