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I Dream in Colours

Last year I met Julia for a test shoot and we had planned several sets that day - but only shot one because after a few photos my camera fell down and my lens broke. I guess I was a bit in shock, without saying anything I just went to the other room, got my other camera and finished shooting the series with my older Canon EOS 600D. Afterwards I obviously wanted to cry and we decided to go on another day.
Still, I am super happy about the results that we shot that day! This photo is one of the pics I took with the 600D and this whole shoot was probably the one that lead the way to where I am today. I was always experimenting with colours and editing but here it was the first time that I thought "this is it!"! And as I loved this set so much I started a whole series with the same title. I guess I improved my editing A LOT since last year, but I still thought I would upload it as I love her pose and expression so much.

Photo, Make-up, styling: Silver Pearl Photography
Model: Julia Mineira

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Fantastic design!