Twins:Attic by Borys Las-Opolski
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July 17, 2017

This time I shot my favorite twins @alina_lina_lila_well and @elli_rock at the attic of an old farm 80 miles from Hamburg away. We walked in there and found only a glimpse of light due to the rain outside. Nevertheless the Nikon D810 and the Sigma 35 1.4 Art did a great job there. The Iso 500 raw-files were pushed around 4 EV in post, I kept the highlights and achieved a look similar to ISO 6400-12800.

35mm · f/2.8 · 1/60 · ISO 500
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Lukas Juzenas's picture

It looks like both of them are trying to fix a loose underwear :)

Borys Las-Opolski's picture

Right! Found grandma's old underwear at my attic & didn't have enough clamps.... sooo... 🤣😉

Lukas Juzenas's picture

ain't your grandma naughty :))