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Can I Take Your Portrait?

I normally don't photograph children but I had to test the new ring light I built. My neighbors daughter, Emuna was thrilled to have her photo taken. The first thing she asked me was "If you take my portrait, do I get to take your portrait?" I told her "Absolutely, I get to take 10, you get to take one" She said fine and put her hands on her hip. I ended up taking 50 and this was the last one, hope you guys like it!

85mm · f/2.5 · 1/125s · ISO 500
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Jessi Raymond's picture

So dramatic! Love the motion in her hair Dani!

Tony Guillaro's picture

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love!!! Those catch lights

You got to tell me how you built that ring light!

Kevin Inocencio's picture

Jawdropping Catchlights!

Will Phillips's picture

Love those catchlights! The wide aperture really works here

Vr DUBIFONK's picture

A fantastic picture : pure emotion of her face, hairs, shallow depth of field, (catch)light... Everything is on purpose... I don't like this picture, I LOVE it... Congratulations !

David Lara's picture

Love the photo...hoever the catchlight on this one as opposed to the adult shots definitely give it a more surreal feel. Which could have been the intent...which in that case, kudos! ....none-the-less, great portrait

Cagomoc Reed's picture

really nice catch lights..

Javier Cruz's picture

I really like this shot, think you caught a moment there. Have you considered using the new LED string lights sold at Wal-Mart?

Jan Joseph George's picture

just too good :D