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Red Blossom

Shot in Strasbourg inside the Pavillon Joséphine, this one was tricky to achieve. My time was a limited and my crew was too small to make the silk fly.

With performer Virginia Dahn, and 2 assistants we were short of 2 pairs of hands to achieve the desired effect.

I didn't want to do it all in Photoshop so during a break after a couple failed attempts I went out and invited 2 strangers to help us out.

30 min later we got the shot!

Captured with a 5d mark III and 2 Broncolor Siros L on the side

a few words on how I make this kind of images: http://hkvisuals.com/epic-dance-photos-flying-fabrics/

Canon 5D Mark III
24mm · f/6.3 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Fantastic shot. Worth the effort!

Thank you !

Wow, out of this world!

Thanks a lot!

How. just how?

#woah #holyshit

Also, extra points for the most perfect placement of watermark I've ever seen. The thought of defacing this work of art with a watermark would normally make my stomach turn, but this just blends right in.

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