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Log Cabin Twilight - Brian Head, Utah

Here's one of the photos we took while out in Brian Head, Utah this past weekend for our client. Went out Thursday for a twilight shoot, brought out the GL-1 and strobes. Ended up using both lights but the GL-1 took the prize, it made the job easy and I love how I can do big sweeps left to right to get a large area. I did use the strobe for the interior and some exterior but probably could have done it without any strobes. When it comes to wood the GL-1 is the winner. I also added a speed edit video of the photoshop work I did. Enjoy :)


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Haha, I was up in Brian Head the day before! We didn't get any night skies like this though, it was pretty solidly overcast. Definitely jealous of this shot! Killer work, my friend!

Thank you! Yeah weather in Brian Head that week was really bad, I was so lucky to get the skies we had. It was a challenge having to locked down a date for the shoot traveling from Vegas, the weather kept changing everyday but luckily it worked out in the end.

Yeah, the weather definitely had a hard time making up it's mind pretty much all week. Adding travel time and expenses on top of that....just sounds stressful! Glad it all worked out in the end for you though!!