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Solar Eclipse

I used a Canon 5D MK IV and put on my 70 - 300 USM Lens. I set my focus to infinity and waited for the eclipse to begin. I shot the eclipse picture at 1/6 shutter speed, 100 ISO, f/13 manually focused at 300mm. I used a 2 second shutter delay option on my camera to limit camera shake and had my camera mounted on a Manfrotto MT055xPRO3 Tripod with a 502HD head. By using a longer shutter speed, I was able to achieve a sharp eclipse while simultanelously capturing the motion blur of the clouds via the long exposure. This was the shot that I took at the end of the totality phase when the sun began to reemerge. This final shot has not been resized or retouched.

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minor retouching would improve this greatly, it might even be a 5 with that flare and the weird glows removed

Thanks Leo! If Solar Eclipse's we're so rare, I would have gladly retouched it. I didn't want to embellish it.