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Day to night panorama

My first attempt to creat day to nigh panorama. I stand on this famous and popular spot in Oia, Santorini, Greece for about 2 hours to capture the night and sunrise panoramas, that I'm late combine into one single pano. The Milkyway was composed and shoot separately 90º to the right of the city.

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This is some next level stuff here. I've seen day to night images before but only in a single image. Just so I understand, did you blend the two panos together? As I know there can be different alignments when light room combines each picture. Either way this is cool.

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Hey Ethan,
Sorry for late reply.
This is a 3 photos pano x 2 times. And yes LR gives you different panos each time, so there was a lot of hand made blending and masking.
I wish there would be a app or a way to make panos exactly same each time, would be easier even for a bracketed versions.

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All your works are stunning.

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outstanding blend, love it!