Belgium Princess by Éric Livernoche
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Belgium Princess

Doesn't Tracy, this 18 years old Belgium girl, has style? I think so anyway, as she came up with this concept following my only indistinct direction : maybe something with torn jeans?

This shot was supposed to be taken with 3 light, but only 2 fired :

- 1 Profoto B1 in a Photek Softlighter behind Tracy up high, as background/hair light (Misfired).
- 1 Profoto D2 in a Rotalux 39' Deep Octa as main light, pointed at her knee I'd say.
- 1 Profoto D2 in a beauty dish firing into the wall behind me for fill, as my studio is daaaaaaaark.

100mm · f/8 · 1/200 · ISO 500
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