This is probably my new favorite image from the San Francisco coastline. This image was taken at the far end of Baker Beach. I have been scouting as many beaches as I possibly can almost every day to find unique foregrounds. I live really close to Baker Beach and funny enough this spot was right under my nose the entire time.
It was a little tough with the water flowing heavily into this crevasse, it was a constant battle of keeping the lens waterspot-free, which is close to impossible in situations like this. I also had to work quick because the tides were rising and the only was out of this area is the opening shown in the photograph.

f/1.0 · 2s · ISO 100
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Carlos Santero's picture

This is real a worldclass work. I know your pictures well, Michael, and your works are all very great. The lights and the view are incredible beautiful. On first view I thought it mus be Patagonia, but never thought that this is somewhere in San Francisco.
My absolutely favourite!

Michael Shainblum's picture

Hey thanks so much Carlos! :)

Richard Soublet's picture

Beautiful shot. The composition combined with motion leads you through the frame no matter which end you start at. Perfectly timed and well executed work.

Michael Shainblum's picture

Thanks for checking out the photo Richard!

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Kieran Stone's picture

love the colour toning!

Dora Artemiadi's picture

What an amazing composition and use of light! Love it!!

Daniel Low's picture

Stunning this Michael, wow!

Gustaf Jansson's picture

Wow, I love this one! Feels like I'm in the middle of a waterslide 😁🙌