Zoe by Kimberly Meadows
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Just came across this and it stopped me in my tracks. Very striking. Seeing the female form in black and white is unusual these days and to do it well is even more unusual. The use of grain is excellent and brings an informality to the photo. The pursuit of perfect skin has, in my opinion, spawned an over re-touching era- thank you for not doing that. She looks natural, the pose suggestively erotic- nice! My "nitpick" is... the signature detracts. If it could be toned down, maybe a dark gray, I feel that would be better. The curve of the arm, the sweater material, the back of the hand, with the straight line of the door frame combine giving the wrist area and odd shape. Hard to get around that. Perfection isn't needed in this photo so that may be only a one tenth deduction (chuckle) in my opinion. Since I can't score it a 4.9 I've got to go with a five. Thank you for the nice work.

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