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I can look out at the world, but you cannot look in.
I won't let you see the part of me that hides within.

My face is masked with nonchalance, my words will not betray,
But underneath this skin, my passion brews what I can't say.

I have lived my life pretending; I've insisted I can't fall;
I'm a pantomime, a masquerade, an actress - aren't we all?

Like a spider in the attic, a phantom in detention,
A fluid, lilting lyric in a ballet of deception,

I haunt myself with memories, I plague myself with guilt,
I lose myself indulgently in spoils I have spilt.

It's not my choice to live like this; the world has forced me here.
It has pushed me to a lonesome corner, crushed me with my fear.

Someday I will not show weakness; someday I'll be whole;
Someday there will be no sunglasses inside my soul.

But the sunglasses are part of me now, darkening my view,
Tinting me so no one else can see my brightness, too.

So, you think you see me, see the darkness like molasses
But you're seeing your reflection in the shades of my sunglasses.

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