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I'm drawing a blank on how to caption this one haha! All I know is when we shot this a couple weeks ago, the lush green tropical forest vibes were real.

I was super stoked with the texture of her dress, it really pops. I'll have to go back soon and see how much the fall colors have come in.

Nikon D750
85mm · f/2.8 · 1/200th · ISO 125
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love the textures here, all your images have a lovely fairytale vibe to them. keep inspiring :)

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thanks very much!

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Love how the branch in the foreground echoes the subject's arm. Great job!

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Thank you, much appreciated!

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Great one Evan, well done !

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Gorgeous. Was this shot natural light?

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Thanks, yes this is a natural light image :)

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amazing fairytale look , the colors are amazing , i'm not a fan of the E.Kane signature but looks fantastic.