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Emerald calmness

This October we were gifted with many warm, bright and sunny days here in Southern Germany. But it happened that the only day I chose to go to shoot sunrise at this amazingly beautiful lake in Bavarian Alps was cold, gloomy and rainy. I skipped sunrise time since it was dark and wet outside without any hope to see the light through thick layer of grey clouds. I still did a lot of hiking that day, scouting for an interesting spots and trying to take photos during the breaks between rain.
At some point nasty drizzle and wind stoped completely, so I was able to capture calm mirror-like surface of the lake and incredible reflection. Even with the frowning dull sky the colours of the lake were bright and alluring with this magical emerald colour which always impress me. Majestic mountain massif came out from the clouds to just complete my frame with a perfect snowy and rocky background.

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