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This image was taken in Western Washington of my husband. My goal in the image was to capture both his beauty and connection to nature, as well as the depression that pulls that often pulls him away from society and into himself, where he often feels alone. This piece is a hand-stitched combination of multiple images, giving it added depth of field and quality.

Canon 5D Mark III
123mm · f/2.8 · 1/1000s · ISO 200
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Robin, how refreshing to see a male nude and done so well. You achieved the goal you shared in the description. And the stumps and wood look almost painterly.

I grew up in Western Washington and it indeed can contribute to depression. It's not the rain…it's the foreboding and constant gray.

Robin, The thumbnail of your image jumped off the screen at me. I recognized it as western Washington right away, possibly Olympic Peninsular !?. Before I read your description I imagined it possibly had something to do with the reclamation of the Elwah River and creation of new life, a rebirth or atonement of our sin of building the damn (intention misspelling). Man was I wrong as to the metaphysical symbology, sorry.

I spent a year plus on the Hood Canal Side of the peninsular so I understand what you are saying about the grayness thing. I was never bothered by it. Ever since I became serious about my photography I began referring to the grayness you speak of as nature’s defused lighting which can produce some uniquely lit images like you’ve produced here in your base image.

Fabulous image, hope you’re still at it.

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