She loves that ringlight...

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Matthias Dengler's picture

Great shot! Love the whole mood and post-production.
Ring lights are just not my thing, personal taste, I'd say. Besides that, great one! Applause!

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you. She just loves that ringlight.... what can I say.

Paul Rigby's picture

Really like this shot but I'm also not sure about the ring light - it seems to give an almost ghost-like look to her eyes (or, at least, something not quite real) which distracts me from her mood. Do you like the ring-light?

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you.
Well, I don't use that light very often. It's a matter of taste.

candy's picture

Toll! Schlie├če mich gern den Vorschreibern an...