Hintersee night by Kai Hornung
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Hintersee night

December 26, 2017

Hintersee night

After shooting sunset and blue hour at this beautiful lake I had hopes of seeing the milky way. Photopills gave me indications of when and where to see it. But when clouds moved up and played with the moonlight I decided to call it a day. ...not before capturing one of my nicest nightscapes.

I was still inside the water with my wellies when the moon threw a beautiful light onto the scene that had a ghostly feel with the twinkling stars and moving clouds.
The artificial lights of the hotel troubled me until I had the idea to capture a lighttrail of a moving car to balance the artificial light of the hotels. I think it worked out pretty good with natural and artificial light well balanced, yet separated, in the shot. And yes, the perfect reflection of the lake gives a whole new dimension to the image, too.

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