Mist at the lake created a magical atmosphere. Ringerike, Norway.

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You now what I say about this pic to you:
A real Masterpiece... 5 Stars worth

A huge thanks, Carlos!


Thanks so much!

Hi Ole, Im going to go for a little constructive criticism here (bear in mind this is probably better than anything i've ever taken myself!) I think the light and tone in this image is simply incredible - it has a lovely atmosphere to it. However I find the composition a little off-putting. The sun is near enough dead centre from all aspects, but i find the image is heavily weighted to the left. I think the image would be even stronger if you went one way or another. Either counter the trees to the left with the sun being further right or try to improve the symmetry around the central sun. What are your thoughts...?

Thanks for very kind words! I honestly haven't given the comp any thoughts - it works in my eyes, but I think I understand what you are saying :)

Må snart opp en tur igjen ser jeg!

congrats on editors pick!

Thanks a lot!