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Inspired by family reality television promo shots and Tommy Hilfiger campaigns

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Major praise for the wardrobe selection and the positioning and posing of the subjects. You say 'inspired by' and I wonder if the family was in on the 'inspiration' or did they just take direction well and have some serious patience as I can only imagine it took some time to get them in to this particular setting. Well done!

Thank you John! The family is actually my own so they were aware of the inspiration beforehand. I had the camera on a tripod and set the timer up before jumping into the shot. Each member was given directions by my brother, a former art director for Levi's, and myself. Wardrobe and props were selected about an hour before we began the session, the women wore black & white/animal prints and the men wore shades of blue. Posing each member, giving directions, placing props and capturing the shot took about 20-25 minutes.