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John Crisp's picture

Thumbs up. I like this a lot.

Stephen Clough's picture

Thank you very much John!

Paola Padron's picture

love love love!!!!

Stephen Clough's picture

I'm a bit late...Thanks a lot!!!

Jens Sieckmann's picture

The atmosphere is excellent.

Stephen Clough's picture

Many thanks and sorry for the late respond!

john Angulat's picture

I think most photographers would have settled for the subject and the candle and considered it a good image.
The addition of the water droplets absolutely pushes this image to "GREAT".
Well done!!!

Stephen Clough's picture

Thank you so much John!!! Sorry for the late respond :(

chris bryant's picture

Fab pic.

Stephen Clough's picture

Thank you Chris!!!!Sorry again for the late respond!

Daniell Dolidze's picture

looks like Aleksandr Pushkin at work)

Steven Muha's picture

Yes. It tells a story without saying a word. Thank you for this.

Stefan Thomas's picture

Very cool shot. Love the mood!