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John Crisp's picture

Thumbs up. I like this a lot.

Stephen Clough's picture

Thank you very much John!

Paola Padron's picture

love love love!!!!

Stephen Clough's picture

I'm a bit late...Thanks a lot!!!

Jens Sieckmann's picture

The atmosphere is excellent.

Stephen Clough's picture

Many thanks and sorry for the late respond!

john Angulat's picture

I think most photographers would have settled for the subject and the candle and considered it a good image.
The addition of the water droplets absolutely pushes this image to "GREAT".
Well done!!!

Stephen Clough's picture

Thank you so much John!!! Sorry for the late respond :(

chris bryant's picture

Fab pic.

Stephen Clough's picture

Thank you Chris!!!!Sorry again for the late respond!

Dan&Arina Photography's picture

looks like Aleksandr Pushkin at work)

Steven Muha's picture

Yes. It tells a story without saying a word. Thank you for this.

Stefan Thomas's picture

Very cool shot. Love the mood!