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January 25, 2018

Part of an athletic fashion editorial.

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I love this

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Thanks so much Lee!

absolutely stunning. lots of mastery here : the color rendition, PP, flash for the model, the highlights in the clouds.
Great job, be proud.

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Wow thank you. Really means a lot!!

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Excellent model and light. Not so much a criticism but rather a suggestion , that little bag is not necessary , it is just distracting from the graceful and beautiful image.

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I appreciate the feedback! Yes, sometimes less is more!

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The bag is OK in or out...but have you experimented a bit with the crop? I wonder how this would look with a bit more room to breath top and bottom, and the model a bit off centre. Beautiful image!

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Actually the original image is a wide photo where the left side is empty scenic beach space for the editorial title and content. Because the publication went with a different title page, I decided to crop it in close for instagram lol.