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Under of the infinite hanged wishes !!!

Under of the "soundtrack of Princess" at lake of Mornos, just few kilometers north and west of the navel of the earth, in Central Greece.
Where some nature beauties waiting for us, day and night, with respect, to make our company!
It was a spring evening between beloved mountains, photographic stories of a "nature-lover" in the darkness!
Not difficult to go at this location, but strange feelings in the dark to find a good spot with a headlight of course, on our heads!

10 shots for the sky with 12800iso, f/2.8, 15sec
5 shots for the for the tree with 6400iso, f/4, 120sec

Nikon D810 & Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
Gitzo tripod, Manfrotto head.

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This photo is perfect. Love it very much. Question though, I don't understand why several shots of the sky were needed as you were not doing trails, etc. Thanks!

Love it.