Mary Bel's picture

Anchored Sulle Crow

This is a self portrait. I captured this image in a photography studio with white walls. The light was pretty even, so I did not have to add any additional strobes or artificial lighting. I wrapped a long black table cloth around me and swung it up like a super hero cape. I used the self timer in my camera to capture the movements of the fabric in the air. I composited several images of the floating fabric, and made them look like feathers on a bird. Then I added a stock image of a black bird feather to really show my intent behind the composite. The sky, and ground were all my personal stock images from various shoots. The sunset is also done in post. This was an incredibly fun image to me.

The sullen crow is anchored. Although its wings are majestically ready to take flight, her deep sorrows and troubled mind keep her grounded. Wishes of roaming free collect in her hear and burns her memories of past independent freedom.

Canon Rebel T3
60mm · f/2.8 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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