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Old with a Modern Twist

Taken with 1 light, camera right, overhead and a Vflat by her feet for fill. Hand painted backdrop by Gravity Backdrops

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First of all, I send you my most sincere congratulations for your wonderful gallery. In addition to photography, you are a true artist of this modality.
I love the composition of this pose, the curves of the model very well modeled with the lighting. In addition, everything must be said, the model is very pretty and you have managed to capture that beauty. The perfect position of arms, hands and head, the tones of the whole scene show elegance and exquisite know-how on her part. Well, what can I say that you don't know. I become a follower of yours to see if I learn something, what am I missing, hehehe (little laughter)
Congratulations and my like. (What a roll that I have floored-Excuse me)

Man, what a wonderful and beautiful comment. Thank you so much for your kind words!